Terms & Conditions

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Prices are net prices in Euro. Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice. P.Glia does not agree and is not bound by any other terms or conditions that have not been expressly agreed to in writing by an authorized officer of P.Glia.

Payment Terms
Payment terms are 15 days from day of invoice. P.Glia has the right to charge administration fees and interest for late payments. P.Glia remains owner of the products until full payment is received.

General Shipping Conditions
The delivery of P.Glia products, when in stock, follows within 1 to 2 weeks upon receipt of a purchase order. Shipping costs are covered by the customer. Shipping costs and handling charges are always added to the final invoice (see Shipping Conditions & Pricing for details). Dependent on the product handling, fees may include charges for cool packs or blue ice. P.Glia reserves the right to select the packaging and shipping method, which will ensure the stability of the product and its shipping tracking.

In the case that unexpected circumstances do not allow to fulfill our obligations, no matter if this occurs at the level of our company, or mail service or carrier, the delivery period will be extended. If delivery becomes impossible, P.Glia will be released from its duty to deliver. If these two possibilities should happen, this cannot give rights to any damage claims or cancellation rights of the ordering party.

To return improper or incomplete products please call us within five days after receipt. Items damaged during shipping should be brought to the attention of the carrier. Defects that are detected during proper checking must be objected 2 weeks after receipt. Defects that become evident only at later time, in spite of immediate checking, must be notified latest 2 months after receipt. If the buyer does not complain in due time, the products are considered as accepted. If the complaint is made in the right time and is justified, we have the option to replace the products or take them back against reimbursement of the purchase price or credit note.

Shipping Conditions & Pricing
Packaging & Handling Fees :

European Union
For shipments on cool packs (cell culture products) : € 16,00
For shipments at ambient temperature (antibodies) : € 10,00

Other European Countries
For shipments on cool packs (cell culture products) : € 18,00
For shipments at ambient temperature (antibodies) : € 10,00

USA & Canada
For shipments on cool packs (cell culture products) : € 20,00
For shipments at ambient temperature (antibodies) : € 13,00

Shipping costs are covered by the customer.