Neuroscience Products


P.Glia is specialized in the development and marketing of time-saving and cost-effective techniques for the isolation, cell culture and analysis of defined CNS neuronal and glial cell populations, especially oligodendrocytes. Our innovative products and services are best suited to support CNS/myelin research dedicated to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for neurodegenerative diseases and brain repair.

Since 2016 a new successful product pipeline Health & Beauty Biomedical is dedicated to the develoment of natural cosmetics based on Dr. Pesheva´s biomedical expertise and the power of natural plant oils, extracts and derivatives: 100% organic, vegan, free of synthetic additives and preservatives.

P.Glia offers and further develops:

Cell Isolation Kits:
for oligodendrocytes
and CNS neurons

Cell Culture Media:
for brain cells and
neural stem cells

Cell Culure Reagents:
for neural cells and
neural stem cells

Cell Culture Dishes:
unique dishes for
neural cell isolation

PG Biomedical:
the biomedical concept for natural cosmetics, 100% organic, vegan, highly effective

selected proteins for
neuroscience research