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Premium Natural Cosmetics with a Biomedical Concept:

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The biomedical concept for natural cosmetics by PG Biomedical was developed by Dr. Penka Pesheva, an experienced life scientist with a long-term expertise in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and neurobiology. Characteristic features of our innovative and high-quality natural cosmetic products are their scientifically based composition and high effectiveness. PG Biomedical means natural cosmetics for your skin needs at the latest state of knowledge and is based on:

natural, organic (bio-certified) plant oils whose active components and their biological effects have been proved in scientific studies;

natural plant extracts and derivatives providing a highly effective and natural skin or hair care;

Dr. Pesheva`s long-term research on the structural and functional properties of the extracellular matrix;

numerous scientific studies on the microbiological, cellular and neurobiological effects of plant extracts or individual derivatives;

active component-protective packaging: To preserve the activity of active plant components for the duration of their use, natural products rich in vitamins are packed in a dark glassware or in a lightproof MIRON purple glassware;

customer-friendly packaging: To enjoy the content of the purchased product until the last presious drop.


The focus in relation to our product formulations and concepts stays on natural, untreated, vegan, rich in active components and eco-friendly.

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Inspired by Nature and developed by life scientists

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