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Our unique MAD (multiple adhesion dish) based technology is a key element of P.Glia cell isolation kits for the time-saving and cost-effective isolation and culture of defined CNS glial (especially oligodendroglial) and neuronal cells. In combination with P.Glia specialized culture media, MADs support the isolation of a target cell type on the principle of differential adhesive strength. The MAD concept is such that cellular interactions of oligodendrocytes (with the MAD-O surface) or neurons (with the MAD-N surface) are the weakest ones and can be gently disrupted to obtain viable neural cells for further applications. P.Glia also provides cell culture dishes, to be used in combination with MADs or independently, to support neuroscientists in experimental planning and optimization of their assay design.


Cat. No. Description Size Euro


Multiple adhesion dish (for oligodendrocytes)

4 x 95 mm



Multiple adhesion dish (for neurons)

4 x 95 mm



Microglia preadhesion dish

4 x 95 mm



Poly-lysine containing dish

8 x 60 mm