P.Glia is a global developer and supplier of unique specialized products and services for CNS research and drug discovery related to brain pathology. The company was founded in Bonn, Germany in 2010 by Dr. Penka Pesheva, PhD in neurobiology and until 2010 professor of neurobiology at the University of Bonn. P.Glia continues growing its global operations while providing the same level of personalized attention and professional support to scientists and pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission is to contribute to the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases by creating new tools and providing simple and reliable solutions for biomarker and drug development related to brain repair.

P.Glia develops:
•    novel and efficient technologies for the isolation, culture and analysis of glial and neuronal cells
•    neural cell based models for new drug and biomarker development related to neurodegeneration (i.e multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer´s disease, brain trauma) and brain repair.

P.Glia offers:
•    Cell isolation kits (for oligodendrocytes/progenitors and CNS neurons)
•    Specialized cell culture growth and differentiation media for brain cells and human neural stem cells
•    Specialized cell culture reagents for neural cells
•    Selected antibodies and proteins for neuroscience research
•    Glial and neuronal cell based assays and trauma models as biomarker and drug validation/discovery platforms related to neurodegeneration and CNS injury.

Since 2016 a new successful product pipeline is dedicated to the development of Health & Beauty Biomedical Products (PG Biomedical) for a scientifically based and highly effective natural cosmetics based on organic oils, minerals and plant extracts, and the long-term expertise of Dr. Pesheva in cell and matrix biology.

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